1. Once more into the breach: a new Common Lisp 3D graphics project

Kaveh Kardan
1 min readApr 16, 2022

I have always been, and resolutely remain, an over-thinker despite my best efforts at eradicating this tendency within myself. And yet here I am creating a blog for my new software project. What could possibly go wrong?

This new project — as yet unnamed — is a 3D computer graphics system written in Common Lisp, my favorite programming language. This is at least my fourth run at writing a graphics system in Lisp, hence the title of the post.

Let’s start in the middle, jump into it, and clarify things (maybe) later.

The image above was created by the following CL code:

I’m not sure who will read this post, who will find it interesting, or who my target audience is. I just felt the urge to document this journey of mine and see where it leads.

Trying not to over-think it.

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